While Texas Hold’em remains the most played poker variant, top players are often seen engaging in a wide variety of games and playing in ever-creative tournament formats. It is often held that only those who excel in a wide variety of poker games should be considered for the title of “greatest player of all time.” Today is a wonderful day to start learning how to play many poker card games if you want to become a well-rounded poker player. We take a look at the top 10 poker games available to learn right now so you may expand your poker horizons and uncover new ways to beat the competition at the games you already know how to win.

  • Poker, Texas Style

Texas Hold ’em is, without a question, the most played poker variant worldwide, making it the game you should master first. There are still many no-limit and limit games played today, but No Limit Texas Hold’em is universally acknowledged as the game’s pinnacle. Although the rules of Texas Hold ’em are simple to learn, becoming a master or even a competent player will take hundreds of hours of practice. In reality, I’ve played with many seasoned Texas Hold ’em veterans who, despite their years of experience, still can’t get beyond the basics. Mastering Texas Hold ’em is a prerequisite to being an experienced player in any way, mostly due to the game’s widespread popularity. Playing this game well will be the single most crucial factor in your success in poker tournaments.

  • Omaha Poker with a Pot Limit

In addition to Texas Hold’em, Pot Limited Omaha remains the second most-played poker variant today. It differs from Hold’em by including two more hole cards, which leads to greater player involvement and larger pots. Omaha Poker tends to be enjoyed in this variant, although the wildest players may sometimes play No Limit Omaha because of the game’s crazy character and higher stakes. PLO is among the most exciting forms of poker because of the dramatic swings in fortune that may occur between the flop, turn, and river. Because of this, pot-limit Omaha (PLO) is favoured by huge bluffers and nut-paddlers who aim to take advantage of their opponents and dominate the table, particularly in live poker settings. Although pot-limit Omaha (PLO) is popular in tournament settings, it is best played in deep-stack cash games, where bluffing is common, hero calls are rewarded, and the games with the most guts usually win. Two of your hole cards must be used in conjunction with the three community cards and the best five-card hand is determined at showdown in this, perhaps the finest poker game there is.

  • Omaha Poker Card Game

 Already variations on Pot Limit Omaha are being created to keep players interested even as the game rises to prominence. Since a number of the largest names in online poker have introduced other Omaha versions to their games in recent years, the popularity of these variants has skyrocketed. You probably figured correctly that the rules are identical to those in pot-limit Omaha (PLO), with the exception that players get an extra hole card at the beginning of each hand. That means there will be more situations where big stacks go all in, more chances to make better hands, and more chances to play it safe with big draws. The activity in both Five Card Omaha and its variant, Six Card Omaha, is high, thus it’s best to play for smaller stakes than you typically would. Playing these variants shouldn’t be too tough after learning PLO, but you should be wary of the various possible outcomes when up against opponents that have such a large number of hole cards and only play cards when you get position over them.

  • Hold ’em Poker with Fewer Cards

Short Deck Hold’em, or more often Short Deck Poker, is a popular variant of poker rules that have evolved in recent years. The rules are quite identical to Texas Hold ’em, with the exception that the deck no longer contains any deuces, threes, fours, or fives. There is more activity and larger pots because acquiring excellent cards and generating huge hand combinations on the board is simpler with fewer cards in the deck. Limited Space In Hold’em, the ante is posted by all players, flushes defeat full houses (since they are more difficult to create), and the ace is the bottom card for a straight flush. With its rising popularity, Short Deck Hold’em is a great choice if you’re looking for a new poker variant to learn and test your brain. In live cash games, where players frequently become tired of waiting for a large opening hand, this variant of Hold’em Poker might eventually surpass the original in popularity.

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